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Contact lenses are not an easy solution for every person suffering from vision problems. Some eye conditions make wearing contacts a difficult proposition; however, it doesn’t rule out wearing contact lenses altogether.  We pride ourselves in offering a number of specialty contact lens options for those who suffer from certain eye conditions.

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Reasons You Might Need Specialty Contact Lenses

If you’ve struggled with contact lenses in the past, it may be due to the condition of your eyes.  Thankfully, advancements in technology have made it possible for people suffering from eye conditions of all types to wear contact lenses.


Astigmatism developes when the front of the eye curves into a bulge or oval shape. It causes blurred vision and can be difficult to correct because regular contacts cannot account for the bulging.

Dry Eyes

When eyes become excessively dry, it leads to irritation, burning, redness, and blurred vision. Contact lenses can exacerbate these conditions by making it feel like a foreign object is stuck in your eye.


This form of conjunctivitis is caused by inflammation on the inner surface of the eyelid. Protein buildup on the contact lenses can make this condition worse.


This is an uncommon condition that causes major discomfort when wearing contacts. Keratoconus happens when the cornea becomes thinner and allows the eye to bulge forward. The bulge forms into a cone shape.


Eyes tend to have a tougher time focusing on close objects as they age. This condition is known as presbyopia. It typically affects people aged 40 or older.

Specialty Contact Lens Solutions

Gas Permeable Lenses

Gas permeable lenses are a good solution for patients who suffer from GPC or Keratoconus. A GP lens will limit protein deposits from accumulating which will reduce GPC symptoms. It is also effective in containing corneal bulging and relieving pressure on the tissue for a Keratoconus sufferer.

Toric Lenses

Toric lenses are useful for correcting astigmatism. Since the lens needs to align with the bulge it is correcting, toric lenses must not rotate in order to fit on the eye.

They are typically custom made to correct a specific astigmatism. For that reason, this type of lens takes longer to make and costs more than a traditional contact lens.

Bifocal and Multifocal lenses

Bifocal and multifocal lenses can help remedy presbyopia. Monovision lenses are another option for presbyopia. This type of lenses can have one fitted for distance vision and the other for seeing close objects.

Scleral Contact lenses

Scleral Contact Lenses are unlike any other lens we carry.  They are rigid gas permeable lense that is much larger in size compared to other contact lenses.  Because of their large diameter, they rest on the sclera (the white part of the eye).  The sclera has fewer nerve endings than the cornea thus they can be much more comfortable – especially for those with sensitive eyes. 


Orthokeratology, or Orth-K, uses custom-designed and fitted contact lenses to reshape the cornea.  By temporarily reshaping the cornea, Ortho-k can correct near-sightedness (myopia).  This solution is perfect for those who are would like to correct their vision but may not be a good fit for more permanent methods.


MiSight® 1 day contact lenses are a new FDA approved contact lens that works to control Myopia in children.  MiSight® lenses correct distance. vision immediately but also works over time to slow the progression of Myopia.


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