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It doesn’t matter if you’ve never worn contact lenses before or if you’re looking to upgrade your current prescription, here at Lake Lanier Eye Care, we’ll discuss all your options with you to ensure you walk away happy, comfortable, and seeing your best!

First Time Wearing Contact Lenses


 Are you thinking about trying contact lenses for the first time?  Thankfully, with all the options we now have, almost anyone can wear contacts!  Take the first step towards new contact lenses by scheduling an appointment.  We’ll take you through a contact lens exam that will determine if you’re a good candidate for contact lenses.

Hard to Fit Contact Lenses


Contact lenses are not an easy solution for everyone.  Some eye conditions make wearing contacts a difficult proposition; however, it doesn’t rule out wearing them altogether.  We pride ourselves in offering a number of options for those who suffer from certain eye conditions.

If you have sensitive eyes or have been diagnosed with an eye condition that has made it hard to wear contact lenses in the past, click the button below to learn more!

Expert Contact Lens Wearer


If you’ve worn contact lenses for a while you know that prescriptions can change and new options are frequently introduced to the market.  This is why we always recommend a yearly eye exam to all of our patients – regardless if they are having eye-related issues or not! 

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Contacts We Carry

Eyeris Contact Lenses
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We value our patients’ experience at Lake Lanier Eye Care.  We’re proud to have received over one hundred five-star reviews!  Read success stories from all over Sugar Hill, Cumming, Buford, and Suwanee.

“Anne is so sweet and professional at the same time.  Got me scheduled very quickly!  Dr. Bordner is very kind and makes you feel taken care of.”



Allison K.

“Recently had my first visit and received glasses for the first time. All the staff made the experience very easy and stress free. Returned a week later with questions about my contacts and Dr. Bordner saw me right away and addressed my questions with patience and understanding.

Lisa B.

“My son and I saw Dr. Bordner at Lake Lanier Eye Care. I was impressed with the office, staff, and overall experience. We will definitely be going back for all our eye care needs! If you’re looking for a great eye doctor then look no further than Lake Lanier Eye Care!”



April P.

“Great service, so friendly and on top of things! I had an eye exam and bought glasses. They explained things really clearly and were very helpful in choosing frames that fit me and looked good on me. Would definitely return.”



Julia B.



When it comes to your contact lenses, we understand you may have questions.  To ensure you have all the information you need before visiting Lake Lanier Eye Care, we’ve detailed a number of our most frequently asked contact lens questions below. 

Do You Offer Contacts for Hard-to-Fit Patients?

Yes, we do!  We understand that not all patients can wear the same type of contact lenses, that is why we offer a number of different options.  Click here to learn more.


How old do you have to be to wear contact lenses?

There is no age minimum for contact lenses.  The decision to explore contact lenses is a decision that can be discussed during your next eye exam.



What brands of contact lenses do you carry?

Lake Lanier Eye Care carries Bausch and Lomb, Alcon, Acuvue, Eyeris, and CooperVision contact lenses.  Contact us to order your contact lenses!



Should I buy daily wear or extended wear contact lenses?

The type of contact lenses you should wear depends on your eyes, any eye conditions you’re suffering from, and your lifestyle.  Your eye doctor will ask you questions to better understand what type of contact lens will be best for you and will recommend a number of options.



Are contact lenses hard to care for?

Each type of contact lens has different care instructions to ensure your eyes stay healthy.  Properly caring for your contact lenses can also help them last longer.  Your eye doctor will explain the care instructions for your specific type of contact lens during your eye exam.



Where should I buy my contact lenses?

You can buy your contact lenses directly from Lake Lanier Eye Care!  We’ll place your order for you and ship them directly to your home.